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    Welcome to Carmelite Monastery, Margao, Goa   



Singing together, is a beautiful way of celebrating God's marvels ... and this is what the choir at the Carmelite Monastery does, each time, we sing out in praise of the Lord.

The choir has always been an important presence in the Carmelite Monastery, helping the faithful to worship the Lord. Various groups of people come together as choirs and offer their time for the service of the Church. Apart from the choir of the Carmelite brothers, we have the Carmel choir, comprising people from all walks of life. There is also the Carmel Youth choir made up of mostly students and young working adults. The young ones gather together to form the Children's choir, guided by Mr Ashley who is always ready to give his time for the Church. Who also conducts regular choir during the 8.45 am mass on Sundays. On special occasions we have Mrs. Leena conducts the Choir. For the mass at 11.15 am, there is a youth Choir and also a Senior Citizen's choir, these are slowly evolving into well trained choirs. The effort of the brothers to match the other choirs, in their daily singing is indeed praise worthy. What is truly praise-worthy is the sacrifices these people make and their dedication to give their best by making time for choir practices, in spite of their studies, work and other commitments. The Monastery is also blessed by generosity of Mrs Effy from San Jose d'Areal and Mr Chris from Comba, two musicians who make themselves available even at the weekday masses.

St Augustine wisely said that one who sings, prays twice. The Carmelites, who have dedicated themselves for the spiritual nourishment of the faithful, have always been blessed with melodious choirs to play a part in this mission. Let us join them in praising the Lord!

Various Choirs of the Carmelite Monastery were invited for a dinner with the community on 3 Jan. Fr Archie the superior thanked each of the Choirs. Mr Chris the coordinator of choirs welcomed and introduced them. No doubt, it was a memorable evening. The sound of music enlivened the gathering.



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O U R   T E A M

Fr. Silvestre D'Souza

Fr. Ronald D'Souza

Fr. Jossey Rodrigues

Fr. Marlon Rodrigues

Fr. Anil Veigas

Fr. Jeevan Tauro

Br. Malvino