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    Welcome to Carmelite Monastery, Margao, Goa   


Cloistered Carmel

Every beginning carries a grace which accompanies it in its further development. So it has been for our community - The link between the Cloistered Carmel of Chicalim, and our Father's Monastery in Marqao dates back to the earliest days of our foundation. On 25th March 1947 Rev. Fr. Hyacinth, OCD, celebrated the first Mass in the temporary chapel- then a simple room of the just new born Carmel. Great was the joy of the small group of Nuns in sheltering the BI. Sacrament under their roof, finding in this Presence the comfort and courage required for facing the hardships of the foundation. The aspirants to Carmel found in the ministry of Our Fathers guidance for their spiritual life. From all our contacts with our Fathers in Marqao such as spiritual direction, talks, retreat, presiding and sharing our ceremonies, even lending a beautiful statue of O.H. Mother for the Doctorate Celebration - or the opening of a new Carmel due to the valuable assistance of Rev. Fr. Nemesio, down to our devoted Fr. Confessor, we have been enriched with Carmelite spirituality. The flourishing' of the monastery with the restoration of the Novitiate was a motive of great joy, as a pledge of divine favours for this monastery which gave to our Order two beatified martyrs. For all these blessings, we thank God and heartily welcome this Jubilee. St. Teresa will rejoice at the realization of her wish when she "reformed" the masculine branch of the Order "that they may be of help to the Nuns "who live the same charisma." This is the true brotherhood praised by the Liturgy. Fervently and gratefully we lift up our hearts to God repeating the intercessory Prayer of the feast of All Saints of Carmel. "Lord you made us brothers and sisters of Mary, so that with her we could receive and keep Your Word - may we show her image to the world in ourselves, as we serve Christ and do His work."


Founded : 1947
Patron : Holy Trinity
Archdiocese : Goa

Address :
Cloistered Carmel of the Holy Trinity
House No. 246
Chicalim P.O., Goa - 403711 India
Tel : 0832-2540213
E-mail : ocdchicalim@gmail.com  

1. Sr. Jacinta Mary of the Passion (Mother Prioress)
2. Sr. Rita of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
3. Sr. M. Filomena of Jesus
4. Sr. Mary of Mount Carmel
5. Sr. Josephine Therese of the Child Jesus
6. Sr. Maria Rita of the Trinity
7. Sr. M. Candida of Jesus
8. Sr. Therezita of Jesus Crucified
9. Sr. Luiza of the Infant Jesus
10. Sr. M. Evelyn of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
11. Sr. Luivy of the Holy Spirit
12. Sr. Klancy Teresa of Jesus
13. Sr. Fernita of Mary Immaculate
14. Sr. Santana of the merciful love of God
15. Sr. Mary of Jesus
16. Sr. Adelina
17. Sr. Teresa Margaret of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Extern Sister)
18. Sr. Piedade (Novice, Extern Sister)

Like their mother, the daughters of St. Teresa world over have been quite efficient and ingenious. That may be the reason they flourish even today in some 850 carmels world over with a massive strength of some 15,000 individuals, surpassed by only a handful of congregations involved in active apostolate. The story of Carmel at Chicalim Goa, has been one such.

It was so strange that in spite of Goa being the oldest diocese of the Latin Church in the south east, it could not boast of the presence of a contemplative community for so long after the bubonic plague that decimated and dispersed the religious in Old Goa.

But when it was time, there were more than one contenders for the task. There was a race against time for founding the cloistered Carmel. While Fr. Mary Joseph OCD who was preparing and working for such a foundation from the Kottayam Carmel where his own sister was one among the nuns; there was an ardent desire from the Carmel in Bangalore to make a foundation in Goa. The latter managed to reach the place earlier and begin the work against all odds of finances and ecclesiastical support. The pioneers from Kottayam Carmel on hearing the news of the fait accompli of foundation already made had to beat the retreat from Karwar. Naturally it did take some time for the emotions to settle, hurts to heal on this matter.

The pioneers of this Carmel, some of whom are still alive, have literally moved boulders from the mountain hand in hand with labourers to build the present Carmel piece after piece, cell after cell. The building was inaugurated in 1947 and has been dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity.

God seems to have found their zeal worth rewarding; and there have been even to this day very many vocations from Goa who have not only made this foundation a veritable house of prayer and inspiration for the Church in Goa; but also have gone beyond the boundaries of Goa for other foundations, near and far.





O U R   T E A M

Fr. Silvestre D'Souza

Fr. Ronald D'Souza

Fr. Jossey Rodrigues

Fr. Fantino Pereira

Fr. Anil Veigas

Fr. Jeevan Tauro

Br. Malvino