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    Welcome to Carmelite Monastery, Margao, Goa   


Legion of Mary

 Legion of Mary movement was started in Carmelite Monastery in the year 7th September 1992 and Fr. Anthony D' Silva was the spiritual director. There was also a junior presidium but in course of time the youth either went for higher studies or married and the junior presidium was closed. Couple of years backs the senior presidium which was also running low but today we have 29 active members 10 auxiliary members and 5 pretorium members under the guidance of Spiritual director Rev. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves who is also the Superior of the Carmelite Monastery.

Every Wednesday the group takes part in the 7.00 am mass and then gathers in the hall. Fr. Archibald gives them input sessions. The group is very vibrant and quite involved in the day to day running of the spiritual activities in the monastery.

The legionaries have been doing fabulous jobs like helping in cleanliness, helping in maintaining the order in the designated masses, visiting the sick in around the church they also visit various hospital, old age homes the orphanages, cancer hospitals, Aids hospitals also Mother of Jesus old Age homes.

When they visit they listen to their sorrows and joys and pray with them and later collectively they remember them in the petitions and prayers. The group has its annual picnic, last year, they had been to our Xellim monastery and this year they visited Ponda Spice Garden.

They have been given blue veils with the Marion emblem on it, which they were especially when they animate the liturgy every Sunday at the 7.30 am mass.

Presently Mr. Rodo is the President, under whose leadership the group has scaled greater heights.

Fr Provincial addressed the Legion of Mary group at the monastery on 20 Feb 2019. He appreciated their committed life.

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Legion of Mary members with Fr Archie on a picnic to Fr Agnel Shrine Pilar, Cloistered Carmel ,Chicalim and to St Joseph Vaz shrine, Sancoale on childrens day, 14 Nov 2017.



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Legion of Mary at Margao celebrates silver jubilee on 10/09/2017


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O U R   T E A M

Fr. Silvestre D'Souza

Fr. Ronald D'Souza

Fr. Jossey Rodrigues

Fr. Fantino Pereira

Fr. Anil Veigas

Fr. Jeevan Tauro

Br. Malvino