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    Welcome to Carmelite Monastery, Margao, Goa   


Senior Citizens Club

Senior Citizens are a group of around 40 who are enrolled and meet every Sunday , from 5.30 to 7.00p.m. It animated from the wisdom of our Superior and Ex-Provincial Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, who felt that the senior citizens should meet to share their life experiences to overcome their loneliness and contribute towards getting involved in various activities of the Church by giving rich mature suggestions that evolve through their experiences of viewing life through the past years. They also conduct the 11.15 am Mass on every last Sunday of the month. Most of them get involved in planning the activities which differ every week. They start with invoking the Holy Spirit's guidance and a short prayer which is followed by any thought provoking video or article. We also celebrate the birthdays of the week and pray for them in a special way. After that they play games , have a quiz on various topics , discuss about some recent news regarding health related issues . They also have a talent show where they either sing or play instruments or display any talent or reveal their past experiences. Most of them enjoy speaking about their contribution in life and revealing stories about their family life and children. Father Archie also comes to give a short reflection at the end. It is really a pleasing day where all of them look forward to coming.

Senior Citizens giving a programme on Sunday evening on 12th February at Cluny home for the aged in Nagoa.



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Senior Citizens


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Sunday 12th June, 2016 : Senior Citizens William Pinto giving a session on foods that prevent Cancer.



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Senior citizens celebrate the joy of their mentor's 27 years of priesthood

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Junior Citizens at Colva

Junior Citizens at Colva

Senior Citizens at Music

Senior Citizens' Day Out

Senior Citizens' Picnic

Senior Citizens' Sportive

Senior Citizens  Group at Colva 21-05-2016




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