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    Welcome to Carmelite Monastery, Margao, Goa   



Catechism is an ongoing process and like every branch of knowledge , this is a lifelong program. Sunday School as it is called is only a reminder that we must spend quality time for deepening our faith. It teaches God centered values making an ideal environment for nurturing the children. It cultivates active participation in church activities and experience in faith traditions. The Gospel is taught in creative age-appropriate ways so that children develop a deeper understanding for the word of God which fosters a close relationship with Christ. Here Catechism is Christ centered; it is living and learning in the midst of a Christian community that shares, nurtures and strengthens the faith of the individuals who build up the church.

Catechism classes commence in the month of June and close by the end of February of the following year. Those children who do not belong to our Parish and wish to join Catechism have to produce a letter from the parish priest of the parish that they belong seeking permission to attend Catechism classes here.

The classes are available in 9 levels suitable for children upto Std. IX . We have 9 teachers in all and substitutes too. Catechism classes are conducted every Sunday from 10.00 to 10.45 after a special children's mass which is at 8.45 in the morning. Children are guided by their class teachers as per the planner to conduct the Liturgy on every Sunday. Children have their own choir where the teacher in charge trains and prepares them and a practice is held on every Saturday for the same so that there is active participation from the children. Those who can play any instrument are also given a chance to play for the Liturgy as per their class.

On the first day of Catechism , the children get to their respective classes and have an interaction with the teacher after which classes continue regularly.

Inaugural Day is held two Sundays after Catechism classes begin, wherein parents are invited to attend a Special Inaugural Mass with their children followed by a General Meeting to put forward the decisions for the year and suggestions and opinions of parents are welcome. A separate meeting for the Confirmation students and for The Communicants is also held on that day so that the parents are well aware of the guidelines that are to be followed by them.

The curriculum followed for the Catechism classes is as per the Mumbai Diocese as it is in English language but Mass responses and prayers are also taught in Konkani so that the children are able to respond and participate in the Eucharist wherever they go. On alternate Sundays, Mass is celebrated in Konkani, so that children are acquainted with the prayers and responses.

The Catechists along with the Director have a meeting after the Catechism class on every third Sunday of each month to sort out the difficulties if any and to plan the programme for the following month as per the Annual planner.

The Carmelite Monastery falls under the Grace Parish so the representative of the Carmelite priests remains in touch with the Parish Priest of Grace Church for seminars which are conducted periodically and simultaneously upgrade the teaching as per the Goa Diocese.

Our Catechists also attend an annual retreat and seminar conducted by the Parish priest of Grace church and are in touch with the upgrading as per the Goa Diocese.

Every year we have quite a number of children preparing to receive Confirmation for which they are trained here through the year but at the end, they are sent to attend the Intensive Training conducted by the Parish priest of Grace Church as they receive the Sacrament along with the children from the Grace Church.

The First Holy Communion for The Communicants is held at the Carmelite Monastery in the month of January.

There are two terms in a Year, First and Second term where the children have to answer a Written as well as an Oral Exam. Attendance through the year is compulsory. If a child is absent, he/she has to produce a note to the teacher explaining his/her absence.

During the year a few activities are held namely, Hymn singing through Faith sharing, Bible Quiz, Preparation of Cards for Mother's Day, Visit to the orphanage / Home for the Aged, Christmas Programme , A Full day Picnic so that the bond of the children with the teachers and priests grow. Many games, quizzes, tug of war etc. are held for the picnic so that the children enjoy and have a day to be just themselves.

Confessions twice a year is marked for the children to grow spiritually by going about with the Sacrament of Confession which is made compulsory during Christmas and Lent so that they feel the need of confessing and opening up to God more often as they grow up in this fast moving world.

Catechetical day is the last day of Catechism class which is organised with a Mass for all the children and a short programme after which cake and refreshments are served to all. As a motivation to the children, they are awarded Certificates for full attendance throughout the year and a Prize for General Proficiency to one or two students chosen from each class.

Annual Catechism Programme inaugurated on Sunday, 2nd July 2017



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Inauguration of the Catechism on Sunday 26th June, 2016 :
Fr. Archie the Superior celebrated the mass. He preached on Chance and Choice in life. Liturgy was organised by Mrs. Dorothy and Mrs. Suzanne. Special thanks to Fr. Mark the coordinator and to all the teachers. A parents and teachers meeting followed.



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