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Message from the Superior

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Carmel,
Welcome to the website of the Carmelite Monastery, Margao, Goa, India!

Just a couple of years ago, when I completed my term as Provincial, I was asked to shoulder the responsibility as Superior of the Carmelite Monastery at Margao. This being my first appointment in Goa, I was a bit anxious! Now that two years have gone by, I can confidently say, the Carmelite Monastery has been offering a lot to the life and vitality of Carmelites and the Church in Goa.

Carmelites came to Goa in 1619, just within 30 years after the death of St. John of the Cross and established a Monastery in Old Goa "Convento di Carmo." Just within a hundred years or so, due to some differences between the Propaganda and the Padroado, the Carmelites had to unceremoniously vacate Goa and move to Sunkeri (Karwar Diocese). Later the Carmelites returned to Goa a second time, when the Belgian Carmelites declared a new foundation in Margao on March 19, 1939. Today we have two other monasteries, one in Xellim and another in Mapuca. Besides, there is a Cloistered Carmel in Chicalim. Much water has flown under the bridge before what we are today and you can get these details from the history of the monastery.

Today, what makes our monastery so special is its welcoming environment and easy accessibility. Being located very close to the railway station in the heart of the city, devotees walk in any time of the day to fulfil their spiritual needs. The friars make themselves available round the clock, not only for daily masses, counselling, and confessions but also to visit the sick and to administer the Sacrament of Anointing. When it comes to the sacrament of confession and counselling, the Monastery has been a spiritual land mark. We stand tall today just because we stand on the shoulders of dedicated friars, Fr. Anthony D' Silva, Fr. Anastasio Gomes, Fr. Jerome Braganza and the like, who rendered yeomen service, through their life witness, preaching and teaching. Currently we are a team of seven fathers and eleven brothers continuing this good work.

Recognising this noble ministry, down the years, His Grace Archbishop Philip Neri Ferrao, rightly chose our monastery to solemnise the feast of the Divine Mercy, at the diocesan level, in this Jubilee year of Mercy. On April 3, from all over South Goa, nearly 4000 devotees thronged the Monastery for the feast of the Divine Mercy.

The monastery has always been a formation house of the Karnataka Goa Province. For many years it was the Novitiate house, and now it is a house catering to both Postulancy and Pre-philosophy. Besides, the monastery also runs an orphanage for girls, located at Pajifond, "Lar de Santa Terezinha". With "Altar Servers, Youth, Choirs, Catechism classes, OCDS, Legionaries and Senior citizens the monastery is beaming with activities. There are also other groups, such as, Catenians, Couples for Christ, Crusaders and Alcoholic Anonymous who are closely associated with the monastery. The monastery with its chapels, halls, rooms and open spaces, provides space for retreats, conferences, meetings, events and guests, which can be availed through prior booking.

Well, dear friends, I welcome you wholeheartedly to our Monastery, to experience our hospitality and to experience God through prayer. The Adoration chapel and the Divine Mercy chapel are open to all. I avail of this opportunity to thank you, our dear friends and benefactors for your wholehearted support to our seminarians, orphans and our other initiatives. May God bless you!
Yours in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, ocd




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