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    Welcome to Carmelite Monastery, Margao, Goa   



17th July, 2016 was a special day for Our Lady of Mount Carmel OCDS community of Margao, Goa. On this day 10 members of the community made their promises in the presence of Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao OCD, Provincial Superior. Rev. Fr. Silvestre D'Souza, the Councillor incharge of Spirituality, Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, Superior and Rev. Fr. Peter D'Sa from Xellim and the faithful were present at the ceremony.
Definitive Promise
Bro. Agnelo Braganza
Sr. Effie Viegas
Sr. Theresa Dias
Bro. Leslie Santimano
Sr. Carol Mascarenhas
Sr. Martha Pereira
Bro. Andrew Gomes

Temporary Promise
Sr. Judith Cardozo
Sr. Seraphina Lobo
Bro. Chrysanthus Miranda

The candidates were guided by Fr. Ajith Rodrigues OCD prior to the retreat to prepare themselves for this occasion. The Preparation for making of the Promise commenced with a three day retreat under the guidance of Fr. Jevan Tauro, OCD. Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao, in his brief and enlightening homily called the OCDS members to be like Mary in the midst of our Martha world and our Martha lives. After making the promise the candidates were presented with a Scapular by the Provincial. It was also presented to eight other members who had made their Definitive promise four years ago.
They are:-
Bro. Rodo Pereira
Sr. Rosy Pereira
Bro. Oliver D'Costa
Sr. Beliza Antao
Bro. Robin Santos
Sr. Elizabeth Santos
Bro. Roy Rodrigues
Sr. Ramilla Rodrigues

The Eucharistic celebration was followed by a felicitation programme in the community hall. The President Bro. Roy Rodrigues welcomed the delegates and floral bouquets were presented to them. Provincial Superior Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao whilst congratulating the candidates reminded them, that even though they made the promise of chastity, poverty obedience, and of the beatitudes these need to be practiced, because they are not an end by themselves. The effectiveness of these promises would in turn depend on the firm foundation based on the three pillars of Teresian spirituality; namely Detachment, Love of neighbor (Charity) and Humility.

Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, the Superior of the Monastery congratulated all those made the promises and the OCDS for their active participation in the activities of the Monastery and blessed them to "increase and multiply" and thus to take the spirit of Carmel to the various parts of the Diocese.

The skit based on the life of Teresa of Avila, was a highlight of the programme. Carmelite brothers joined the program by presenting their skit highlighting the lessening of spirituality in the world due to excessive worldly attachments, unnecessary violence and brutality.

The OCDS community entertained the guests by their 'Goan Mando'. Bro. Agnelo Braganza expressed gratitude on behalf of all those made promises and shared his experience in the OCDS community. The program was brought to a close with a vote of thanks by Fr. Ajith Rodrigues. Bro. Rodo Pereira was the Master of the Ceremony. All joined in the fellowship meal and rejoiced.  "I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep" Says the famous poet - Robert Frost

The often quoted verse is very much applicable to the Seven OCDS members who made their Definitive Promise, and the three OCDS members who made their Temporary Promise. But, why miles to go? Because the promise is not an end by itself. They are the POINT OF DEPARTURE towards a long and committed journey, leading ultimately towards UNION WITH GOD, based on a life of prayer which have to be built on the three pillars of Teresian Carmelite Spirituality - namely:DETACHMENT, LOVE OF NEIGHBOUR (CHARITY) AND HUMILITY.

OCDS Picnic on 6th May, 2018



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OCDS (1953 � 2022)

A Carmelite, through and through!

Mr. Joaquim Santan Rebello, a member of the Teresian Secular Carmelite Order (Our Lady of Mount Carmel Community, Margao), was born on 29th March, 1953. He made his Temporary Promise on 22nd April, 2018 and Definitive Promise, recently, on 25th July, 2021. He was appointed to the Local Council (Second Councillor) in 2019, when a bifurcation of the OCDS community at Margao took place. Though reluctant at the beginning, he offered his best and remained humble, in spite of the office and honour that was given to him. It can be said that he never aspired for any recognition or position.

On being diagnosed to be Covid positive, Joaquim was admitted at Medstar Hospital, Margao a few days ago, and passed away peacefully in the early hours this morning (31st of January, 2022). The Carmelite fathers managed to give him Holy Communion and Anointing, during which he showed signs of consciousness. He leaves behind his spouse Nirmala, whom he dearly loved. She nursed and took care of him during his illness with great dedication and fortitude. He has two brothers and a sister, who had all come down to be with him during his illness. They all form a well-knit and close family.

He deeply loved Carmel and its spirituality. After taking his religious name, he kept reading about St. Teresa of Los Andes and was fascinated by her. This was seen even in the reflections he contributed to �Living Water,� which he began in December 2021. He submitted his last reflection for the month of April, just a day before he was admitted in the hospital.

Joaquim had a BA in Economics and Statistics and a diploma in creative writing. Besides reading and writing, he was passionate about homeopathy and had a shop with homeopathic products. We will miss him and his presence at the Carmelite Monastery and the Fraternity Meetings of the OCDS, where he always made pertinent and deep observations. At times, his views appeared to be radical, but they manifested his ardent desire to be authentic and committed to the vocation he had embraced as a Secular Carmelite. In his life-style he was simple and austere, always thinking about the needs of others. At first sight he seemed to be quite stern, but people soon discovered a warm heart, when they got to know him. An acquaintance describes him: �� a simple soul, straight forward, with few wants and many lofty ideas.�

Following Covid protocol, the burial was held only with the close relatives, at Our Lady of Snows Church, Raia at 10.00 am. A special requiem mass was celebrated at the Carmelite Monastery at 11.30 am in which his relatives and OCDS members participated. Fr. Jeevan Tauro, the Spiritual Assistant of Mount Carmel OCDS community, presided and preached. Frs. Jossey Rodrigues and Fantino Pereira, concelebrated. His niece, Andrea Rebello expressed sentiments of gratitude at the end of the Holy Mass.

May Mary, Mother and Queen of Carmel, lead him to the joys of Paradise.

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OCDS Promises take on the 22nd April 2018



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A Group of 20 OCDS members visited "Azilo", a home for the aged women housed at Dr. Rafeal Pereira at Benaulim on 26th February 2017 at 4pm. The house is dedicated to Saint Joseph Vaz, run by the "Sisters of the Congregation of Handmaids of Christ." Sr. Agnela Fernandes, the Superior welcomed the OCDS members and introduced them to 22 Inmates Individually. They were indeed happy to share their life experiences. The OCDS members donated a bag of Wheat Flour, Ghee, Biscuits and few household commodities as part of their mission. The OCDS members entertained them by singing Mandos and few 'action songs with great enthusiasm. The OCDS members were privileged to have a jolly good time together with the inmates to witness a live "Khel - tiatr performed by the Local Artists from Tilamola, Quepem - Goa.

Sr. Agnela assisted by Sr Vienna D'Costa and Sr Trinity Almeida play a commendable role of selfless service by taking good care of the inmates so as to say of the Lost, Least and the Last.

The OCAS members returned home at 6.30 pm with a Joyful heart and a sweet memory of all that they experienced.

The following OCDS members were privileged to visit Aziio Home: Roy, Ramilla, Robin, Elizabeth, Rodo, Rosy, Beliza, Martha, Thresa, Agnelo, Andrew, Chrys, Seraphin, Judith, Mabel, Agnes, Rose, Saby, Sophia and Cheryl.



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Definitor General Rev. Dr. Johannes Gorantla visited the Carmelite Monastery on 22nd October. He was welcomed by the community along with OCDS and Lar members



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OCDS Profession




O U R   T E A M

Fr. Silvestre D'Souza

Fr. Ronald D'Souza

Fr. Jossey Rodrigues

Fr. Marlon Rodrigues

Fr. Anil Veigas

Fr. Jeevan Tauro

Br. Malvino