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Sponsor a Seminarian




You are a practicing Catholic and you would have loved to see your son become a priest or your daughter become a Nun. Unfortunately, this has not happened or may be you do not have children! Do not be disappointed, you can still have a priest from your family by sponsoring a Carmelite Seminarian. We have a lengthy formation of 13 years to priesthood and you can make a difference!

You could choose any of the following means to assist a Seminarian:

Spiritual parent :

Rs. 5,00,000

(It is a complete burse sufficient at today's cost of living to cover the basic expenses of a seminarian for all his formation years. Hence this student will be exclusively assigned to one benefactor only).

OR you could subsidize a part of the formation programme along with other benefactors:

Platinum Donor     :

Rs. 1,00,000

Diamond Donor    :

Rs. 75,000

Golden Donor       :

Rs. 50,000

Silver Donor         :

Rs. 25,000

Bronze Donor       :

Rs. 10,000

Donor                   :

Any Offering

You can make these payments at the time of instituting the burse, or in instalments. We are open to dialogue on the matter and you can always contact us if you like to have more information.

The burse towards the expenses of the seminarian is only a part of your responsibility. You are requested to support his journey with incessant prayers and to encourage him to live a life of fidelity to Jesus Christ, in spite of the challenges of our modern times.

You are also requested not to offer any personal privileges or gifts to the seminarian until his Ordination, as that would cause discrimination to other seminarians.

We are a community that prays daily for our benefactors. We also celebrate 12 Holy Masses per year for the departed souls of our benefactors and for their families. Therefore, you have a share in the spiritual blessings and good works of the Carmelite Province. Besides, the Seminarian whom you adopt will correspond with you personally (especially during Christmas and Easter) and pray for you daily. He will invite you to his Priestly Ordination and continue to remember you at the altar of the Lord, during the daily celebration of the Eucharist. We also have two Shrines dedicated to the Infant Jesus (at Mangalore & Mysore), where we pray for the various needs of our devotees and benefactors, together with the people, during the weekly novena Masses on Thursdays. If you have any intentions, you can forward them to us.

I believe you have a fairly clear idea of what we stand for and are in need of. We hope you will join us in our efforts to prepare worthy and generous workers in the Vineyard of the Lord. We welcome you whole-heartedly to be part of the world-wide Carmelite Family, to be part of our ministry. May our spiritual bond and collaboration continue to grow stronger in the years to come!

Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, ocd




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