The community of friars at the Carmelite Monastery, Margao, has decided to resume celebration of Mass in our Church from 23rd of August, 2021. People from any parish in Goa, are most welcome to participate.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic is still active, we have to take the necessary precautions and follow the guidelines given by the Ecclesiastical (Archbishop of Goa and Daman) and the Civil authorities (Central and State Government).

We request you to kindly go through the instructions that follow and register yourself for a Mass. These have been prepared keeping in mind the welfare of all those who would like to participate and we presume you are truthful when you accept them.

  1. It is recommended that children below 10 years and adults above 65 years should desist from attending such services.

  2. Persons who are considered vulnerable are also discouraged:
    - Those who suffer from comorbidities
    - Those displaying symptoms of the virus
    - Those who are undergoing quarantine
    - Those who have travelled highly infected areas

  3. Taking into consideration social distancing, a maximum of 75 persons can be accommodated at one Mass.

  4. Registration on first come first serve basis for 60 persons will be online, and the rest can do so by calling our office (Tel: 2735052).

  5. Registration for one week (7 days) would be open. However, we request individuals to limit their attendance to once a week only, so that you give others an opportunity.

  6. If an entire family wishes to come together, they have to register individually.

  7. All expressions of socialization, like shaking hands, hugging are to be avoided, before or after Mass.

  8. Volunteers will check the temperature of each individual and also verify if the person has registered, before granting admission to the Church. Each individual will have to tell the serial number of his/her registration for immediate reference. Once it's time for Mass to begin, the door will be closed, and nobody will be allowed to enter after that.

  9. Don't bring any leaflets, books or hymnals along with you. So also carry the minimum requirements for personal use, only if necessary.

  10. Once inside, all should be wearing masks throughout the Mass.

  11. Avoid physical contact with any "high touch surfaces" like door handles.

  12. The Holy Water stoups are dry; please don't touch them.

  13. Sign of Peace is to be exchanged only in the form of a bow with folded hands.

  14. The faithful should refrain from kissing or touching statutes. You can venerate them with a bow from a distance.

I have read the instructions and AGREE to follow them faithfully (the next page will open, only after clicking "I Agree" button provided below).